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GLib2 2.58.0 Cracked

GLib2 2.58.0 Cracked is an open source and freely downloadable low-level core library software that forms the basis for the GTK+ GUI toolkit framework, as well as for the GNOME graphical desktop environment. The software has been designed from the offset to provide data structure handling for the C programming language, portability wrappers, powerful interfaces for runtime functionality like event loop, threads, dynamic loading, as well as a reliable object system.

GLib2 is distributed as a standalone library software, but it is an important part of the GTK+ Toolkit project. Both are used by many GNOME-based applications, and by the entire GNOME desktop environment.The GLib2 library is usually installed automatically along with the GNOME desktop environment or various other GNOME apps that require it. It is usually distributed as a source package, which can be easily installed on 32 or 64-bit computer platforms.

To install GLib2 using the source package, download the latest release from either Softpedia or the project’s official website (see the homepage link at the end of the article), save it somewhere on your computer, and unpack it.


What’s New In This Version:

  • Tarball built with `ninja dist`, so if you want to build this release with autotools (which is supported), you will need to re-run autogen.sh. This release, and all micro releases in the 2.58.x series, support being built with Meson or autotools. See: https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gtk-devel-list/2018-June/msg00012.html
  • Fix cancellation of g_subprocess_communicate_async() calls. See !266.
  • Drop support for the __int64 type, which further breaks compilation on old MSVC versions (before VS2013). See #1313.

Runs On:

  • Linux

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